Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time To Submit

Dear Reader,
Thank you so much for reading my column. I appreciate it.
As you may or may not know, I have several newspapers covering these great communities: Benjamin, Childress, Estelline, Floydada, Gould, Okla., Hollis, Okla., Knox City, Lakeview, Lockney, Memphis, Munday, Post, Rochester and Wellington.
I know you want your newspaper to reflect your community and there are several ways you may be able to help in that endeavor.
With the amount of technology available to us today, it should be possible for nearly every event happening in your respective town to receive coverage. Not necessarily by us, but by you, the reader.
I'm asking those of you with digital cameras to take them with you to different events, take photos, get identification for said photos, and email it to us.
From Boy Scouts to family reunions - we want it all. We need it all in order to give you the product you deserve and show a true reflection of what is going on in your area.
Timeliness is key. We want you to get home after the event and get your photo, information, club news minutes, etc.. to us while it's fresh on your mind. That will help us get it in the next issue and keep everybody happy.
Listed throughout this edition are contact numbers and email addresses. Let's begin a dialogue between reader and newspaper which will serve everyone and help us give you a better product.
As I've said many times, don't assume we know everything. We don't. It is important that the names are correct and the identification is in order. Also, be sure and tell us your name so that we can give you credit for your efforts.
For those of you who are in the routine of submitting news items and photos for publication, I applaud you. Some of you have been doing this for years and it's people like you who are the backbone of so much. It takes a consistent effort to keep doing what you do and I appreciate it.
The bottom line is this: The more information submitted to the local newspaper, the better that publication is going to be.
You have several sources to receive national and state news, but just one to obtain the local news you deserve. Please help us get that news to the public.
Chris Blackburn

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