Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greener Pastures For Palin?

Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin is moving on to establish a voice for conservatives is sounds to me.
In a discussion with a friend who is a Palin fan and was more than a little hacked about her decision, I provided a possibility for her decision which eased her pain.
Since we really don't know her future plans other than the general statements she's said, I told him the jury was still out on her decision.
Consider this: since Palin and other conservatives face an uphill climb against the House, Senate, President and mainstream media, what if Palin's goal is to tell her story in a couple of books?
She is reportedly working on a book right now. Love her or hate her, that will be one best-selling book.
Now consider this: she may be considering a talk show. How ironic would it be if a Palin talk show, which is guaranteed a huge audience, was picked up by a major media outlet such as ABC, CBS or God forbid, NBC?
What speaks louder to the CEO's of these companies, their own personal agenda which they've been shoving down the throat of all Americans for years now, or the revenue of the most watched watched shows on television?
I'd say greed will win the day.
Of course she may not even wind up with a show, but she'd be a fool not to.
Having her own bully pulpit to lay out her vision and message would be huge for the GOP which has admittedly lost their voice. I can't think of a better way to begin restoring said voice.
Palin has become a formidable foe for those on the left. Why else would liberals stay on the attack? Never has the Equal Rights Amendment fallen so quickly as is has with Palin. Can you imagine the outcry from the left in this country had one of their beloved candidates had a teenage daughter cruelly ridiculed by a rape joke by David Letterman. Odds are he would have been fired had the politics of the matter lined up.
Palin has been a victim of a double standard since shortly after accepting the nomination for vice-president. It was then the the bellowing on the left began. "Hick," "Dumb," "Inexperienced," "Old-Fashioned," etc...
I'll be the first to say the McCain team handled her poorly. It was a result of mismanagement rather than Palin's brain power. Palin is smart and and she comes across as undaunted about her feelings on matters.
The jury is still out with Palin concerning a candidate. However, the fact she may be more dangerous concerning sensitive topics such as abortion and gun control certainly makes her intriguing to both sides.
Palin in the limelight weekly is would be a network dream and a liberal nightmare. And since she's so used to being attacked, why not give it a shot?

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Karin said...

I'd watch her, or at least listen to her on a.m. radio. This seemed to work well with Tommy Thompson. His show rocks! I think something like this would be great for Republicans.