Monday, June 1, 2009

Special People

My son Jackson, 5, has graduated six times and he’s yet to enter the public school system.
My baby, Sutton Hawk, 3, has now graduated twice.
I’m proud to say they both graduated with straight A’s ... something of a requirement around our house.
Now I know what you’re thinking, the Blackburn boys are now doctors or lawyers or both. I mean, if you’ve already graduated that many times, certainly you have the hardware to hang on the wall.
However, the boys don’t have any degrees yet, just simple diplomas from preschool from two very special ladies. Miss Angie, aka Angie Husband, and Miss Carol, aka Carol Freeman, have been a true blessing for our children.
Miss Carol and Miss Angie have the perfect temperament to deal with preschool-age children and the progress the boys have made under the guidance of their teachers is significant.
The patience these ladies have for children and the response they get from them is impressive to say the least. I’ll be the first to say that what they do is not easy. It takes dedication and organization ... a lot of it.
As with most teachers in town, both will tell you it is worth every minute they sacrifice. Knowing them both well, they mean every word.
It takes a special person to get involved with youth. Thankfully we have an abundance of special people here in town helping us parents rear our children.
Dozens of parents will be headed to local ball fields this evening to volunteer their time to coach our youth in America’s past time. Some do it out of love for children, others do it out of love for the game and still others do it because the job was thrust upon them. Regardless of the personal reason for coaching, teaching, sponsoring, etc... this town is much better with the involvement of so many caring adults.
A decade ago I wondered aloud what would happen here when our better angels passed. I don’t know if you’ve notices, but Lois Stiners and Irma Custers don’t grow on trees. Meals on Wheels volunteers don’t just hall out of the sky. It takes an unselfish constitution and hours of dedication to actually make that difference in so many lives.
I no wonder worry about the future of Childress concerning volunteerism and individuals stepping up to take over worthwhile endeavors and projects. It is happening all of the time and by more and more adults as they too feel the need to make our community stronger.
Childress is not perfect, but it is special. Can we be better? Sure. But, we’re heading in the right direction.
With the school year coming to an end, take time to let those involved with your children know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Copyright Christopher Blackburn 2009

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