Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kim Jong-il Thumbs His Nose

I’m of the opinion that our president, and many of his supporters, actually thought the citizens of the planet would join hands and sing “We Are The World,” upon his election.
I’ve got news for President Obama, the world was full of crazy dictators long before he took office and will be long after he’s gone.
So when will his “new diplomacy” take effect? Never?
North Korea and Kim Jong-il have shown us several times over the past week that it has no problem displaying the growing military might of that country.
A nuke test, missile launches ... what more do you need? Take a stance for goodness sake!
I’m no nuclear physicist, but if you have nuclear weapons, and you have missiles, now throw in a crazy dictator ... the math is pretty easy. Put a nuke on a missile and boom - massive amounts of people are dead and things are looking bleak across the globe.
I think some on the left forget there have been insane people running countries forever. Believe it or not, George W. Bush did not invent dictators. However, he did get one killed (Saddam Hussein) and got another (Muammar al-Gaddafi) to surrender Libya’s weapons of mass destruction.
After reading liberal blogs and opinion pieces this weekend, many liberals are shocked that such things can happen under Obama’s watch. Talk about rose-colored glasses...
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says the U.S. is awaiting the outcome of current six-party talks. An American team is traveling this weekend to see if Japan, South Korea, China and Russia can work out a unified approach on how to deal with North Korea.
Knowing the track record of Russia and China, they’ll want to take it before the United Nations Security Council where North Korea will once again be sanctioned.
The reality is, being sanctioned by the U.N. is like being grounded for a week by a mom who let’s you off the next day. They don’t have a leg to stand on because they don’t enforce anything.
Some of you may be thinking ol’ Blackburn is a war monger. You might be wondering if I’m thinking we should go to war with North Korea.
Of course not.
Fact is, North Korea has us and the rest of the globe over a barrel. Money and resources are scarce and few countries would ever take this one by themselves.
So what are the options? What do you think Obama and his team are working up?
What would you do?
Negotiations have done very little to curb Kim Jon-il’s appetite for destruction.
North Korea has a huge army, so an invasion would be extremely messy.
Bombing strategic points of interest would help temporarily, but doesn’t get to the root of the problem - Kim Jong-il.
The reality is the U.S., Russia and China must work together to get North Korea, Iran and Venezuela under control. You can get whomever you want involved, but those three countries are crucial because if you can get them on the same page and working together, then that is indeed formidable.
Back it up with some unified force from the three and you’ll have dictators all over the world running for cover.
President Obama has his work cut out for him regardless of what he decides to do. One thing is clear though, the silent treatment is not scaring anyone.

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