Sunday, May 17, 2009

CISD Is Impressive!

Childress Rotary Club, like so many other local organizations, gives a scholarship to a graduating senior each year. This year, the response has been impressive.
With the Morris Higley Rotary Scholarship, students are asked to write a short essay. Most years, we get just a couple of entries. Sometimes even five or six. This year, 14 seniors applied for the scholarship.
Why should this interest you?
I think it’s a sign local students are interested in taking advantage of scholarships and bettering themselves through continuing education.
It is my opinion that our school district is on the move. Not because of scholarship applications, but because of what I’ve seen in the various students I come in contact with.
The kids I see are upbeat about school ... even in the middle of May. Most are pretty eager to learn and can apply what they’ve learned to the real word. This is huge for their future.
The Childress Independent School District has changed rapidly. Technology has led to a completely different environment at school.
Childress administration and faculty have used impressive tools to their advantage and their cutting-edge system is now the example districts all over the state are seeking to duplicate.
It’s a brave new world and it takes open-minded teachers and students to succeed at levels which put our little old school system on equal or better footing than districts with more money and resources.
What CISD is doing is really incredible when considering the amount of funds we operate on.
My hat is off to local students, teachers and administrators for seeing a window of opportunity and flying through it. I know the future is bright in Childress schools and I’m glad my children will be a part of that.
I think Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a grave mistake Thursday saying the CIA lied about briefing Congress on enhanced interrogation techniques.
Pelosi has now changed her story three times on what she knew and when.
The bottom line is Pelosi knew what was going on and signed off on it. She is lying and I’m enjoying the meltdown as she squirms during her weekly revision of the truth.
Democrat leaders need to focus on the here and now. They need to end their witch hunt of Bush Administration officials because they look silly and unprofessional. Is is completely counter productive.
It’s fine If President Obama wants to treat terrorists with a gentle hand. That’s his prerogative and maybe he’s right. But not too long ago, there was a different attitude on both sides of the isle.
These enhanced techniques, namely water-boarding, saved thousands of of American lives. I’m okay with that. I’m also okay with the stance of the current administration as long as they get the information needed to keep us safe.
But to continue to change your story so you can wage war on the former administration is childish and will hopefully cost Pelosi her position as Speaker.

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Will said...

Thanks for the kind words about our district's schools. Our schools are a reflection of our community. Our community and it's citizens are helping fill our school with great kids!! Thanks for the compliments!

Christopher Blackburn said...

And I think it's just the beginning for our kids. The sky is the limit!
Thanks for reading!