Saturday, March 14, 2009


Your newspaper is improving. It’s not where I want it ... yet, but it will be.
Behind the scenes of this publication are hard-working, dedicated individuals who have a goal. That goal is to give you the best product possible.
However, in order to accomplish this goal, we need input from the public.
I’ll give you an example: the good folks of Wellington and Hollis, Okla., are very good about getting club news to their respective newspaper. My friends in Childress are not. That’s my fault.
It is my job to see that my people are approaching the various civic clubs to ensure their hard work is reflected in our publications. Please consider this an open invitation or solicitation for such news.
If you’re a club secretary, please find an email address within this newspaper and share with us what your club is doing for your community. I know for a fact local Lions are serving their community. I think the public should know as well.
There are other things you can do to help us improve our product. For instance, I would like to see more feedback from our readers regarding what is going on locally.
If your upset about local government, stray dogs, vandalism or any issue, take some time and write us a letter to the editor. I’ve seen as much change come as a result of a well-written letter to the editor as anything else. All I ask is that you follow our policy, sign your name and stay away from slander.
Don’t be afraid to brag on the good things about your town as well. When a city employee reads about the good they do in a letter to the editor, it pumps them up. In other words, both positive and negative feedback from the public can be very beneficial.
Please don’t assume we know what’s going on. Sound crazy? While it is our job to know what is going on, sometimes we drop the ball. Don’t hesitate to call us with a story so we can get busy getting information ready for you.
It may sound strange for a newsman to admit, but the good stuff comes from you - the source. Did one of our graduates make the Dean’s List? Let us know about it. Do you have a neighbor growing pot? Tell us and the police or sheriff about it.
Work with us and we’ll be able to keep you informed completely and in a timely manner.
Since purchasing your newspaper, it has been an arduous task getting the publication the way we want it. That being the case, I have not been able to travel to the various communities and extend my hand to enough of you. I’d like to change that by hosting an Open House in several communities this spring. That way you can put a face to the nut you read each week.
Lastly, I’d like to thank you for reading and/or advertising. Your time and money are precious and we appreciate your business.
We are changing many of the ways we do things in order to get to know and service our cliental the most effective way possible. In the coming months, you’ll see this difference reflected on the pages before you and this part excites me greatly.
Despite the fact that these publications are, at the very least, dozens of years old, we are just getting started.
I’m a very stubborn man and I’m determined to make this publication the best it can be. It’s not easy. In fact, it is the most difficult undertaking of my career. However, it is that important to me.

Copyright Christopher Blackburn 2009

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