Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What’s Another Trillion Amongst Friends?

Somebody needs to tackle the Obama Administration and Congress before they start spending my great-great-great grandchildren’s money.
Word out of Washington now says they are needing ANOTHER bailout bill to save the big banks. It may cost $1 trillion in addition to the trillions already spent according to Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
They say they need it to purchase bad assets off the balance sheets of big banks. Same thing they said months ago.
The only “bad asset” we need cleaned up is Washington.
The reality is the Democrats are on the largest spending spree this planet has ever seen. It is almost comical.
And what is their defense? Why it’s gripping publicly about a few hundred million in bonuses to AIG. Something top Democrats, including Geithner, have known about for months.
The Administration and Congress think by yelling about the bonuses, Americans won’t notice another trillion here and another trillion there.
I wonder what is going to happen when Americans in mass decide to stop paying taxes? What happens when we determine the U.S. Government is a poor investment for our hard-earned dollars.
Obama called the latest bailout “one more critical element” in a multi-pronged effort to revive the economy. I wonder how many “critical elements” it is going to take.
And what about transparency?
All during the campaign, Obama spoke of all of the transparency there would be in his administration. Where is it?
Why isn’t the proposed budget online for us to see? I would think a someone asking for $3.6 trillion in a budget would let us see how our money will be spent.
Guess what? No one outside Washington has a clue what’s in the proposed budget. Heck, most in Washington don’t have a clue either outside of their very own pet projects they had added to it.
If you’re not counting, the total is $160,000 per American family we are on the hook for. That is sad and pathetic.
Obama will try and get the rich to foot that bill. Guess what, they can’t. It will also take the middle class and the poor.
Mark my words - your taxes aren’t just going to increase, they will skyrocket. Maybe not for those out there cheating on their taxes by passing their children’s Social Security numbers around (a topic for another day), but for the vast majority of us.
I understand Obama won an election based on change, but this not the change people had in mind back in November.

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