Monday, February 9, 2009

Up A Creek!

Get ready for your $7,700 stimulus check!
That's what every household in the U.S. would get if the government wanted to give the taxpayers the $850 billion they plan on handcuffing us with.
Throw in the other $700-plus billion and it's around $14,000 per household.
I wonder what would have happened to the economy if this were the stimulus package?
Instead we have to see our $14,000 go to a bunch of pork spread out over years. It's pitiful.
I really wish someone would tell us exactly what will happen if they don't spend any money. All I've heard is the word "catastrophe." What catastrophe?
What kind of bizarro world do we live in when we give the people who are the worst at managing money - like Rep. Barney Frank - even more money to spend?
Why is anyone buying this hogwash? And speaking of hogs, there is so much pork in this bill, the Senate version now stands at 1,500 pages.
"We can't posture and bicker and resort to the same failed ideas that got us into this mess in the first place," President Obama said Monday.
Then why do we have another bailout package. Seems the one from the Bush Administration failed miserably, yet here we are getting ready to double-down on this loser hand.
President Obama speaks valiantly about fiscal responsibility, but won't call Congress out for packing it with pork.
And what happens if it fails? No one is answering this question.
What happens if this bill perpetuates - or worse - exacerbates the problem? What then? What guarantees do you and I have?
So far in this new administration, it is evident the Democrats have not learned one lesson from the poor job the Republicans did while controlling the White House and both houses of Congress.
Greed still rules the day and you and I will be left out in the cold.

Copyright Christopher Blackburn 2008


granny f said...

Too bad Dave Ramsey isn't in charge of our government spending.

Christopher Blackburn said...

Ramsey with some GIANT scissors! I love it!