Monday, January 12, 2009

How Will It All End?

Maybe it’s the economy, but I’ve seen several things of late on the end of the world. More specifically, HOW the world will end.
Last time I remember seeing so much talk of this nature was before the start of new century.
I’ve compiled a list of some of the most “popular” theories on how the world could end:
• Massive asteroid impact: Asteroids and comets crash into our planet and can be seen in our “neighborhood” all the time. The last large collision occurred 100 years ago in Siberia, but in a very remote area.
An asteroid or comet of decent size would obliterate human life. And being that they travel much faster then the speed of sound, you’d probably never know it unless we happened to notice it on it’s way here.
• Massive volcanic eruptions: Some scientists now say dinosaurs were killed not by an asteroid, but instead, or additionally, by enormous eruptions in what now is India. There is proof that life-ending eruptions have occurred throughout history and will likely occur again.
Yellowstone National Park is said to be a super volcano and scientists say it could erupt at any time - or not at all.
• Nuclear war: Obviously, a full-scale nuclear war would ruin human life. Scientists say numerous explosions the magnitude of nuclear bombs would blot out sunlight for months or even years, causing mass extinctions as most plants died and most animals starved.
Research has also indicated that the ozone layer would also be destroyed and would let in more extraterrestrial radiation,further cooling the planet.
• Climate change: There seems to be some debate amongst scientists regarding global warming, which is referred to as climate change. If you believe manmade climate change and the mass migration of millions and millions of people which would ensue, it would be a cataclysmic mess.
Some say the world would become too crowded and the adjustment which would be required across the planet would be too much to overcome. Low lying areas like Houston, New York, New Orleans and Florida would be no more and that’s just North America. Much of China and other countries would also be lost to the rising oceans.
At the very least, it would take decades so solve such a crisis. Crime, disease and famine would be the order of the day.
Biblical prophecy: If you are a Christian, the second coming should probably be on the list. You don’t hear many scientists speak about Christianity, but make no mistake, the Bible tells of an end of times.
Throughout the history of man, people have been asking how it will all end. Will it be quick? Will it be soon? The answer is still unknown and will probably remain so until it occurs.
Like all of you, I’m going to live my life the best I can through whatever the world throws at me. I guess the bottom line here is to get the most out of your life each day during your brief time here on this planet and love those around you each day. Pretty basic stuff...

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