Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Two Sons

I wonder what the world record is for children producing sound? What ever it is, I think my two sons have a shot at shattering it.
Jackson, age 5, and Sutton Hawk, soon to be 3, have become very proficient at the art of making noise.
Jackson likes to whistle while he works ... that is when he's not yelling and screaming. Sutton Hawk likes to sing ... when he's not yelling and screaming.
By "yelling and screaming" I don't necessarily mean at each other. Sometimes, they just like to get rowdy.
My wife Sharon says they get this volume from me, but I'm almost sure she has no proof ... despite occasionally walking in on us going crazy.
On second thought, I guess their seemingly never-ending crescendo is my fault. However, I'm happy to report that their lungs seem to be in terrific shape.
Sutton Hawk has decided he likes to use colorful words. Not only will he occasionally use them, he knows how to use them.
Again, I plead innocent in this matter as my language continues to improve. However, Sutton is subjected to others who may frequently use descriptive words.
Luckily, he deserves a PG-rating rather than an R. We're working to get him back down to a G-rating.
Speaking of G ratings: Is it not ridiculous how few wholesome movies and shows there are out there?
The major studios (both TV and movie) want to work adult humor into everything. I guess that's okay for some families, but my kids pick up on the off-color humor and quickly use it to their disadvantage.
That leaves me in the position of telling them they can't say that which leaves them confuses because they got it from a "children's" movie.
Very few "children's" movies actually garner a G-rating. Most end up PG. I guess the studios figure they will try and entertain the adults who have to sit through the show with the kids.
My children don't know this, but I take great pleasure in watching them. For some reason, I think it's fascinating to watch them play - both individually and together.
It's fun to watch them attempt to solve their own problems and govern themselves.
Most of the time, they do a pretty good job. Jackson is not too overbearing to his little brother and Sutton Hawk is not too much of a pest.
As much as admitting this will jinx me, I'm happy to say their is currently harmony in the Blackburn Household.


Sharon said...

I do have proof that they get the volume and constant noise making from you, I've lived with you for almost six years. You talk to yourself, the television, the dog, and anything else in your path. As much as I talk, I don't hold a candle to the three of you, but I wouldn't trade you three for a quieter bunch.

Christopher Blackburn said...

Guilty as charged ... I'm a loud mouth.