Friday, December 26, 2008

A Mess Out Of Our Control

Why does the federal government think they can buy this country out of hard times? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they are at fault - at least in part - for the current problems.
Some 500 people in this country are elected to govern the rest of us. Those individuals should be held accountable for so much, yet they never will be.
Blame Bush you say? Sure. But, seems to me Congress has plenty of votes to disagree with the president once in while. Instead they march lock-step, throwing good money after bad ... making a bad situation worse.
Today, many companies are opting for a handout instead of using normal means to save themselves. However, I don't blame the corporations seeking billions. I blame the government for opening up this Pandora's Box.
Ask yourself this: If someone said you qualified for $1 million at nearly zero percent interest, and really didn't consider how you would be able to pay it back, would you take it?
People need to understand that things don't always go up. There is an evolution to business. Simply put, some are destined to die or become something else.
Does the government really expect us to believe GM can fix itself by March? It can't. It's impossible. They've bought themselves time for one of three things: 1. Ask for more money; 2. Get bought; 3. File for bankruptcy on their own terms.
What really boils my blood is that the president, president-elect and all of Congress know there is no way some of these companies will survive yet they are willing to throw our money into this abyss.
Wonder what the government would do if every citizen decided to stop paying taxes? I imagine they'd just keep printing more money. Who cares about the value of the dollar anyhow.
When I see these jokers on television, it drives me crazy. They are no longer held accountable for any of the terrible decisions they make on a daily basis. The mainstream media, who is supposed to serve us in this one capacity, has lost it's way. Maybe it has decided that Congress can do no wrong. More likely, they are in bed with the media and the media likes the privilege.
Contact members of Congress and tell them to turn the money-faucet off. It is only making things worse and it is placing way to large a burden on future generations.
Or, tell them to annex Canada and Mexico and sell it back to Americans and the rest of the world to raise enough money to bail us out of our $10 trillion national debt.
Really, I'm shorting the debt. The actual national debt as of this week is $10,611,892,686,306.43. The estimated population of the United States is 305,328,096. That comes to $34,755.70 for every man, woman and child in this country.
By the way: Congress is getting another raise - over $4,000 next year.
Raise for what? Running the country into the ground?

Copyright Christopher Blackburn 2008


Karin said...

Amen brother! I think the only reason the government won't turn the money faucet off is because they want to get their hands in every single facet of the American market. They want to be the major "stock holders" of these firms. If they put enough money into all of these areas of our economy they will have enough say to really "own it." They will have say in what the companies do and how they are run. Sounds like socialism to me. Scary, I know. Basically all we are doing is giving out welfare to major corps. Next, will be hospitals. Just you wait and see. KJ

Christopher Blackburn said...

Hospitals - that's scary stuff. People who think the nationalization of our health care is a positive are in for a surprise. I'm actually comforted that some of our best and brightest are doctors and health care professionals. Why do we want to dumb that down like Europe has? Sure we have problems, but nothing which can't be solved.