Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Local Merchants A Chance!

Attention good readers - local merchants need your support!
The Christmas shopping season is well underway as businesses are getting aggressive trying to stave off a recession. All they ask is that you give them a shot to meet your Christmas needs before heading up the road to another town.
Shopping at home is a win-win-win for you, the merchant and the town. You get that much needed gift, the merchant gets revenue to keep the doors open and the town gets some tax revenue.
We all know that the big cities have items you'll have to have and you'll most likely be heading there at some point, but no one is going to bend over backward for you and give you the service you deserve like the hometown folk.
All your local merchants have ever asked for is a chance to meet your needs. Give them that chance this year!
I keep hearing about this harsh winter, but it's been pretty mild this fall. Personally, I'm no fan of snow, but I'm a firm believer that a couple of good snows help us in the long run.
My oldest son has seen a couple of good snowfalls and is now expecting it. He's been asking about snowmen and snow castles so I hope he's not disappointed. I did try to explain that there was no guarantee we would get that much snow at any one time, but he wasn't having any of it.
Walked out of the back gate Sunday just in time to see a passerby throw trash out the window. Man that really burns me up.
Is it that hard to wait until you're near a trash can? Do you have such little pride in your town that you have to throw trash into someone's yard?
It's a pathetic thing to see our parks and vacant lots covered in litter. Next time before you chunk it out of the window, think of that 80-year-old widow that's going to be picking up after you.
I received a lot of feedback on my column about my boys dressing up. Well, I walked into the house the other day and there to greet me were a red Power Ranger and a bounty hunter complete with beard and ski mask. Last night I put to bed a couple of super heroes ... Spiderman and Superman to be exact.

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