Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Dropped The Ball

I think the Barack Obama campaign dropped the ball with the selection of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.
Had Obama picked New York Senator Hilary Clinton, I think it would have guaranteed him the White House. Now, depending on who Sen. John McCain picks, it will be a dogfight.
Listening to the political talking heads, of which there seems to be no end, the Clintons have several problems with Obama. Likewise, I doubt Obama has much regard for the Clintons. We may never know.
It would be fun to be a fly and the wall and hear what the two camps have to say about each other. You know it gets heated.
At the end of the day, Democrats feel their best chance to win is to show the country how "unified" the party is and what a great opportunity for "change" their ticket is.
McCain now must pick wisely. He does not have the luxury of picking someone too polarizing nor can he ignore the Republican base.
I think McCain's best pick would be a woman, but unless he pulls a major surprise, that won't happen.
Of course, unless McCain can find a way to break through the Obama-media love affair, it may not really matter...
There is something about the fall and football season. You've heard the saying, "it's in the air." It certainly is!
Whether you like high school, college or pro football, there is plenty to go around. It's strange that a game where the goal is to cross a line for points, can be taken so seriously by so many, but that is exactly the case.
Football in America brings communities together and sometimes rips them apart. It can build pride and it can make you want to hide your head in the sand.
The great thing about football or any other sport is that is fuels the fire to compete. Regardless of what allegiance to what team you may have, it's good to get fired up occasionally. Just remember, when the final whistle sounds, the game is over and sportsmanship should be the rule rather than the exception.



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